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Our Rendon Plumbing Team Defines Service

Our team of Rendon plumbing experts have established a foundation of customer service excellence. Through long-standing customer relationships, our Rendon plumbing contractors consistently deliver the best service possible to every customer, every time. Our goal is to delivery prompt, friendly service with integrity, honesty and dependability. We won't hesitate to dispatch a professional plumber to a home or business 24 hours a day, seven days a week because, let's face it, a working plumbing system is a necessity for families and business owners. Without one you're up the creek without a paddle.

a Rendon plumbing tech inspects a tankless heaterWater Heater Repair

Our Rendon plumbing contractors recognize that water heaters are a necessity for everyday life. We will promptly answer your service call for repairs to both electric and gas water heaters. We are committed to using the best dependable parts and equipment to service or replace your water heater. This means you won't be getting a second hand sacrificial anode or a “recycled” T&P valve. Your water heater repair will be done right the first time!

we handle commercial sink pipingSewer and Drain Repair

Sewer and drain problems are serious emergencies that require prompt repair. Whether the drains are backed up, clogged or water is flowing slow, our Rendon plumbers are skilled to handle the job. Our power auger will usually have drains cleared within the hour but we will work around the clock, if necessary, to ensure all problems are resolved.

Garbage Disposal Repair

Another common household repair is garbage disposal problems. We will repair or replace a dysfunctional Insinkerator or Waste King garbage disposals at a reasonably low price – guaranteed.

we handle water softener installsFixture Replacement

Our plumbers in Rendon often find themselves asked about ways to conserve water. We've found that other than upgrading to a tankless water heater the most economical way to reduce water usage is through the installation of low flow fixtures. Low flow shower heads can cut water usage in half while adding aerators to faucets can cut usage at the individual tap by 25% or more.

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Repairs That Stand the Test of Time

Contact our Rendon, TX plumbing service when you are in need of a repair that lasts. Our professional plumbers are fully licensed and have the knowledge and technical skill to fix any type of plumbing problem. You could call another company, but they probably won't offer years of experience and quality customer service like that found at our Rendon plumbing company.